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Dinogen Online is the third and latest addition to the popular Dinogen series. Like its two predecessors, Dinogen Online was developed by Wilkin Games, and was released as an open beta on March 29th, 2022.

The game is a fast-paced 2D multiplayer top-down shooter with many different weapons, game modes, and maps. There is the option of playing as either a human or a dinosaur in objective-based game modes. Completing objectives and getting kills awards XP, which can be used to unlock new weapons, dinosaurs, equipment, items, and more.

Dinogen Online is set in the same universe as Dinogen and Dinogen Arena, a world most notably known for its access to time travel and teleportation.


Dinogen Online is most notable for being the first game in the series with online multiplayer. As such, players have the option of joining a multiplayer lobby or creating their own private game to play with friends. Bots of multiple difficulties are also available for offline play, or just to make combat more hectic.

Game Modes[]


Icon deathmatch

Free-for-All, as the name suggests, pits every player against each other. Expect chaos when joining large games and bring a loadout that shines on its own. The player that reaches the score limit first or has the highest score by the end of the time limit is crowned the victor.

Team Deathmatch[]

Icon tdm

Team Deathmatch is the classic team vs team game mode whereby you have to kill more members of the enemy team than they can kill yours. Players have the option of fighting a mix of human and dinosaur opponents or can set the game to humans vs dinos, which does what it says on the tin. [TBC]

Capture the Flag[]

Icon ctf

Capture the flag has you capturing the enemy's flag and bringing it back to your base while preventing the enemy team from doing so. First team to reach the score limit or have the highest number of captures at the time limit wins.


Surival chaos

Survival pits you (and a handful of bots and other players, if playing multiplayer) against a non-stop onslaught of enemies that attack in waves. Militia survival pits you against human enemies, slowly upgrading to enemy helicopters and ground vehicles, while Dino survival instead has you fight against large quantities of dinosaurs, some of which are genetically altered to be more deadly. Chaos survival provides a hectic mix of the two and is considered the hardest. Finding survival difficult? A survival guide can be found here.


Dinogen Online is promised to come with a campaign. However, this is currently under development, and no campaign missions are currently playable.


Human characters have the option of choosing from four different classes, each with differing loadout that optimise them for particular types of combat. These are listed below:


#REDIRECT [[Assault]]

Players that use the Assault class have access to a plethora of weapons and equipment that allow them to excel at all aspects of combat. However, this makes them generalists, not specialists, and as such they do not excel as hard as an equivalent of another class. The Assault class is built for speed and deep impact, so they can be used for missions where speed and efficiency are needed. Such as Capture the Flag.


Commando Dinogen

The Commando class focuses on the use of explosives, both in offensive and defensive capabilities. They perform best in mid-range combat against groups of weaker enemies, but can tweak their equipment to focus on heavy damage for hard targets, such as LAVs, tanks, and large dinosaurs.


Support Dinogen

The Support class provides is a team player, albeit one that brings some heavy firepower of its own to bear. They have access to heavy LMGs to provide covering fire, as well as the most diverse tactical equipment, which can resupply allies (and yourself!) with ammo, or provide other defensive benefits.


Hunter Dinogen

Hunters are equipped for long-range engagements, and generally have access to the best anti-dinosaur equipment. Their equipment also allows them to serve in reconnaissance and sabotage style roles, which can effectively shutdown lock-on capable and automated weapons systems, reveal enemies on the map, and disable enemy HUDs.

Dinosaur characters on the other hand have a number of possible dinosaurs to choose from. However, unlike the human classes, many of these need to be unlocked using shards. These include:

  • Compy (Compsognathus)
  • Dilophosaurus
  • Pachy (Pachycepahlosaurus)
  • Velociraptor
  • Needlesaurus
  • Ankylosaurus
  • Stegosaurus
  • Carnotaurus
  • Allosaurus
  • Spinosaurus
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex

Weapons & Equipment[]

Dinogen Online features new weapons and equipment, some of which are derived from the first 2 instalments. The player has slots for one primary, one secondary, one melee, one tactical, and one grenade. Exactly what weapons fill these slots is left up to the player and the class they choose.

There is a current total of ?? weapons, ?? of which are Vehicle/mounted only. All standard weapons can be unlocked and bought by obtaining XP and shards from completing objectives and getting kills.

Weapons can also be further customised by way of attachments, which affect the base weapon's stats. These can do things such as reduce recoil, increase range, suppress a weapon, or increase damage. Like the weapons themselves, the upgrades also require certain amount of XP and shards to unlock and purchase.


This section is currently under construction.

Dinogen Book[]

The Dinogen Book is a book currently about Dinogen created by Albert and Penguin Pyromaniac.